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"I’ve Decided to Marry You" - Jeff Kready (u/s Monty), Catherine Walker (u/s Phoebe), Pamela Bob (u/s Sibella)
July 16, 2014 Matinee

This performance was pretty insane. Bryce, Lisa, and Lauren were all out. Their understudies all gave excellent performances, though and sang the crap out of this song.

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"I Dreamed a Dream" - Melissa O’Neil (u/s Fantine)
July 8, 2014

Melissa’s Fantine debut. She sounds like she’s holding back a little, and she seemed a bit nervous, but I was still pretty bowled over by her performance.

She’s a much sadder Fantine than Caissie. Caissie seems a little tougher. a little stronger. When the factory girls start attacking her, Caissie jumps to the defense angrily, Melissa looked so hurt and pained and then seemed like she just lashed out and immediately regretted it.

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"Dead Girl Walking" - Cait Fairbanks (u/s Veronica), Dave Thomas Brown
July 2, 2014

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"Seventeen" - Cait Fairbanks (u/s Veronica), Dave Thomas Brown
July 2, 2014

The people behind me, I think, were some of Cait’s friends and they were incredibly responsive to everything she did. It was really awesome and definitely gave her a little confidence.

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"Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)" - Cait Fairbanks (u/s Veronica)
July 2, 2014

She has a KILLER riff.

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"Red and Black" - Max Quinlan (u/s Enjolras), Chris McCarrell (u/s Marius)
June 26, 2014

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