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Allison Case and Jay Armstrong Johnson sing I’m Gone from Hands on a Hardbody

There’s something adorably dorky about this. Like especially the part where he just stares at her while she sings. I’m in love with the dorkiness of this.

Although, can I say, this show just doesn’t make great use of Jay’s voice. It makes me grumpy. 

Track Title: Joanna

Artist: Jay Armstrong Johnson

Album: Sweeney Todd at the NY Phil 3/8/2014


Jay Armstrong Johnson as Anthony Hope performs Joanna at the New York Philharmonic’s production of Sweeney Todd on 3/8/2014.

(Note: I only have act 1 for this show because of an error on my phone. I’m happy to clip anything anyone wants from Act 1 or trade Act 1, but there is no Act 2. Thankfully eventually it’ll be on TV! As always, if you object to the existence of bootlegs, I really don’t want to hear about it.)



Allison Case and Jay Armstrong Johnson sing “I’m Gone” from Hands on a Hardbody

This is a stunning rendition of one of the best new songs on Broadway. 

This show just got lost in the shuffle. It’s a simple, beautiful little show and the cast is full of wonderfully talented people. If you’re able to, in the next 5 days, I highly encourage you to make an effort to see this show.


35MM: A Musical Exhibition - 19/22; Cut You A Piece

“Warming your hands, in mine, fills me with terror, that I will lose you. Today or tomorrow. In two years or seventy. When even the earth has numbered days. I can give just one thing that stays.”

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The 35mm cast recording is available for download on iTunes. You should download it. If you don’t, look at your life, look at your choices, and then don’t be my friend.
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"Good Lady" - Ben Crawford (with Alex Brightman, Jay Armstrong Johsnon, Linday Mendez, and Betsy Wolfe)
35mm - March 12, 2012

I think Ben Crawford is really good.

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"Caralee" - Jay Armstrong Johnson (with Lindsay Mendez as Caralee)
35mm - March 12, 2012

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"The Ballad of Sara Berry" - Lindsay Mendez (with Jay Armstrong Johnson, Alex Brightman, Ben Crawford, and Betsy Wolfe)
35mm - March 12, 2012

This song is a religious experience, tbh. This night was cool because the audience got really excited right at the beginning when they realized what song it was. It was cool.

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"The Seraph" - Jay Armstrong Johnson, Alex Brightman (with Lindsay Mendez and Ben Crawford)
35mm - March 12, 2012

No words will ever be good enough to describe how beautiful this song is. And especially this version. In the middle of this performance, Jay started crying and it made the whole song mean that much more. He told us later that he looked at Adam once during the song and then couldn’t hold back anymore.

"I don’t believe in God,
I think Jesus was just a man,
But with you in my life
I feel part of some heavenly plan.
You’ve shown me there is faith without fear or regret,
You are a love as close to heaven as I’ll get.”

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